Often times clients will have the option to choose between three levels of mental health professionals, depending on the client's presenting issue and the individual therapist's specialty. Additionally, Heathrow Counseling can provide all clients a direct referral to a psychiatrist who will provide medication management, if needed, and who will consult with your individual therapist during the course of your treatment.
Machelle Louderback, Marriage & Family Therapist
In Loving Memory - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist: LMFT #2367

Jacqui Williams, PhD, Marriage & Family Therapist
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist: LMFT #2384
Jacqui Williams provides counseling with adults, adolescents, couples, individuals, and families who are struggling with relational/marital conflicts, self-esteem issues, depression, anxiety, behavioral problems, poor body image, postpartum, and infertility. She also works extensively with psychological strengthening and conditioning for athletes at all levels, including professional and collegiate. Her experience in NCAA Division I Athletics has given her insight into the mental challenges that many athletes face before, during, and after competition. Ms. Williams utilizes a variety of therapeutic interventions, such as cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused therapy. She is open and supportive in her approach to her clients, with the goal of empowering them to function at their optimal potential. She encourages them to achieve higher levels of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and the courage to face struggles with a positive attitude. Ms. Williams received her Bachelors degree from the University of Florida and her Masters degree from Stetson University in Marriage and Family Counseling.
Phone: 407-956-5773


Because of medical and mental record privacy Heathrow Counseling wants all clients to be informed about insurance or third party providers. When you apply for a Life Insurance Policy, there is a place for you to sign allowing the Insurance Company to check your Medical and mental Information from various sources.
Medical and mental conditions are reported to the Medical Information Bureau, Inc. (MIB) using one or more of about 210 codes. Conditions, and other non-medical information, including psychiatric conditions might affect your insurability, admission to the military, can be as adverse as your driving records and participation in hazardous sports.
MIB is a membership organization of life insurance companies. When you apply for life, health, or disability insurance, the company makes a report to MIB, and it receives any information that MIB may have on you. Upon request, Heathrow Counseling will provide letters for clients who wish to have verification of services to a third party for reimbursement purposes, (e.g., health insurance, employer, etc.).

Contact MIB to obtain your information:

Medical Information Bureau, Inc.
P.O. Box 105
Boston, MA 02112
(617) 426-3660

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