It is natural that you or a family member will face challenges in life. Heathrow Counseling view life’s challenges as an opportunity to improve and make positive changes. Seeking therapy can provide pathways to one’s personal strengths in order to effectively cope with the stressors of life. Providing clients tools which allow them to engage in healthy behaviors to gain strength and take control in your life is our goal.

Heathrow Counseling provides our diverse community a place where they can turn for competent services suitable for clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Please use our website as a means to empower yourself by becoming informed. This is your first step toward getting the help you deserve. Browse our site to learn more about our experience, therapeutic approach, and our offered services.

Heathrow Counseling is located at 3599 W Lake Mary Blvd. Heathrow, Florida 32746
OUR PHILOSOPHY is to treat each client as an individual by respecting his/her unique situation and background.
OUR MISSION is to provide effective diagnostic and therapeutic services as well as resources to empower clients so that they can conquer life’s challenges in order to live a more fulfilling life.
OUR THERAPISTS have helped empower clients to find solutions to a variety of challenges, including relational conflicts, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, poor body image, child and adolescent social/emotional milestones, behavior problems, and loss of a loved one or difficulty accepting a loved one’s diagnosis.
Adolescent and Child Therapy
Addiction / Dually-Diagnosed Therapy
Couples Therapy
Eating Disorder Therapy
Family Therapy
Grief / Loss Therapy
Intimacy Therapy
Pre-Marital Therapy
Marriage Counseling
Pre & Post Divorce Counseling
Self-Esteem / Body Image Therapy
Sports Related Therapy
Stress Management
Clinical Supervision for registered mental health therapy interns
Date Coaching
Midlife concerns
Standardized Early Childhood Assessments
Team Building
Heathrow Counseling (407) 956-5773 3599 W Lake Mary Blvd. Heathrow, Florida 32746